tatsumi_senpai (tatsumi_senpai) wrote in yaoigermany,

Uhm, Hello

Terribly sorry, I don't know German, which is sort of sad considering my maternal grandfathers paternal grandfather's ancestors came from Germany. Throughout the generations we did not retain the language, though I had signed up for a course in the language while I attended college, but the class was dropped by the professor. I've already graduated from that two-year community college, and they still don't have a new professor to teach German anyway.

I enjoy reading yaoi and I'd like to try writing a yaoi novel... since I cannot for the life of me draw. Currently though I only have written fanfiction for the Tyrant Falls in Love which can be found on my personal journal under Eternally Yours. I have msn for anyone interested in discussing anything with me... but the language barrier unless one uses faulty online translators or knows some English... though I wouldn't mind learning German, but I don't know where to begin since there are no classes currently offered anywhere in my area.
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